What are Royal Guards

Royal guards are a group of soldiers who are responsible for protecting the monarch and their family. They are often elite units of the regular armed forces, and they may maintain special rights or privileges. Royal guards have historically comprised both purely ceremonial units serving in close proximity to the monarch, as well as regiments from all arms, forming a designated substantial elite and intended for active service as part of the army.

History of Royal Guards

The first royal guards were formed in ancient Egypt, where they were tasked with protecting the pharaoh and his family. Royal guards were also present in ancient Greece and Rome, and they played an important role in the protection of the rulers of these empires. In the Middle Ages, royal guards were often made up of knights, who were trained to fight and protect their lords.

Roles of Royal Guards

The roles of royal guards have changed over time, but they have always been responsible for protecting the monarch and their family. In addition to their ceremonial duties, royal guards may also be called upon to perform active military duties. For example, the royal guards of the United Kingdom were deployed to fight in the Falklands War in 1982.

Uniforms of Royal Guards

The uniforms of royal guards are often very distinctive, and they are designed to both intimidate and impress. The uniforms of the royal guards of the United Kingdom, for example, are made up of red tunics, black bearskin hats, and white gloves. These uniforms are designed to make the guards look both imposing and respectable.

Traditions of Royal Guards

The royal guards of many countries have their own unique traditions. For example, the royal guards of the United Kingdom are known for their changing of the guard ceremony, which is a popular tourist attraction. The changing of the guard ceremony involves the transfer of responsibility for guarding Buckingham Palace from one unit of guards to another.


Royal guards are an important part of many countries’ history and culture. They play a vital role in protecting the monarch and their family, and they also serve as a symbol of national pride. The uniforms, traditions, and roles of royal guards vary from country to country, but they all share a common goal of protecting the monarch and their family.

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