Reggie Miller trolls Knicks after Pacers win playoff series

Basketball Hall of Famer Reggie Miller got the last laugh Sunday night after the Indiana Pacers defeated the hobbled New York Knicks in Game 7, 130-109.

Miller posted on Instagram that the Knicks’ win against the Pacers in Game 2, which saw Josh Hart troll the former sharpshooter and OG Anunoby go down with an injury, changed the series. The Pacers won two straight at home and then won the final two games in the series to eliminate New York.


“When the series CHANGED!!” Miller wrote. “Jalen Brunson you’re a true BALLER, been the best player in these playoffs, but you and your boys can all heal up together on some beautiful beaches in Cancun, please enjoy!! #PacersKnicksRivalryLives #GodDontLikeUgly.”

The Knicks tried to win through their injuries. The team was already down Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson going into the series. By Game 2, the team saw Anunoby go down with a hamstring injury. Hart also suffered an abdominal injury.

In Game 7, Brunson fractured his left hand.

“I’m proud of what we were able to do this year and the way we fought,” Brunson said afterward. “Obviously, the outcome is not what we wanted.”

Anunoby played five minutes in Game 7 and scored but could not run up and down the floor. It was apparent from the tip.


“I was trying,” Anunoby said. “I couldn’t really sprint, I couldn’t really jump, but I wanted to try my best.”

Donte DiVincenzo led the Knicks with 39 points.

“There’s only so much you can overcome,” teammate Donte DiVincenzo said. “But you can start from every single guy in this locker room, honestly, we’ll be here all day talking about each one of them, the way the guys stepped up this year, even in the playoffs … It’s not easy to do.”

To rub salt in the wounds, Pacers star Tyrese Haliburton wore a Miller-inspired sweatshirt. Miller, with his hands around his neck, was emblazoned across the outerwear.

He scored 26 points as Indiana shot 67.1% from the floor.

“I think it’s just the old-school way of thinking that you can’t play this fast in the playoffs, but I think opportunistically you can do it. I think if we’re able to get stops, of course we can,” he said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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