Red Sox, Brewers clear benches after heated words between pitcher and first base coach

The Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers found themselves in a benches-clearing scuffle at Fenway Park during Sunday’s game. 

While there were no punches thrown, it got very close to a physical altercation following Red Sox pitcher Chris Martin and Brewers first base coach Quintin Berry having words with each other after the top of the seventh. 

When the frame was over, Martin was seen saying something to Berry, who clearly took exception to his words. Berry screamed back Martin’s way, and the tall right-hander turned around as coaches and players started to get involved. 


Martin didn’t like the Brewers bunting twice in the inning, as it was a 1-1 game. Speaking with reporters after the game, Martin alluded to saying something to Berry in disgust as he was walking back to Boston’s dugout. 

“I probably said some things under my breath that was kind of directed towards that inning, I’ll let y’all determine what those things were,” Martin told reporters. “Heat of the moment. They bunted twice. …I didn’t like it. I know it’s part of the game, but it is what it is. I let them know.

“Honestly, it’s probably a compliment. Maybe they don’t think they can get a hit or whatever. They put a good swing on a pitch – I don’t know. I feel like in this league, swing the bat.”

No matter the case, everyone got involved as both bullpens sprinted to the infield, where the skirmish was taking place. 


Berry and Martin both needed to be held back, as they were screaming toward one another and luckily things didn’t escalate to the point where discipline would need to be brought down from the league office. 

It’s also worth noting that Berry and Martin have been teammates in the past, so they both understand each other’s competitive fire. 

In the end, Boston took the victory on their home field, as Jarren Duran hit an RBI single in the bottom of the eighth. 

Duran spoke after the game, where he said he’s never seen Martin that mad before. 

“Whenever you clear benches it gets everyone a little fired up,” Duran said, via NESN. “[Martin] was getting everyone hyped up. He was pissed. You never see him like that. He’s always a calm, cool guy.”

We’ve seen worse benches-clearing situations at Fenway Park – just ask the New York Yankees – and the Brewers are no strangers to letting hands fly this season, too. Milwaukee and the Tampa Bay Rays got into it pretty good last month, where punches were thrown and suspensions were dished out to multiple players for their role in the fight. 

The Red Sox were able to get the win in this one, but they salvaged a sweep as the Brewers took the first two games of the three-game series on the road. 

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