Israel needs our support. We must demand Biden keep his ‘ironclad’ commitment

In President Joe Biden’s world, Iran gets sanctions relief, and Israel gets its weapons revoked.  

The Middle East is on fire because of Biden’s feeble “leadership” and his unwillingness to stand by our greatest ally in the region at a time of critical need.   

Sadly, I am not surprised by Biden’s abrogation of his moral duty to support Israel. During his tenure, this president has repeatedly demonstrated that he prefers to appease our enemies rather than help our allies. The trend started with Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan when he abandoned Americans and Afghan allies to suffer under Taliban rule. As a result, terrorists rejoice at his decisions instead of trembling in fear. 


Just last week I returned from Israel, where I advocated for the release of American hostages held captive by Iran-backed Hamas, and reassured Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that America has your back.  

While my message rings true – the Biden administration is sending a much different one.  

I was still in Israel, when I heard reports that Biden was withholding ammunition from our ally. Truly unbelievable.  

Choosing to deny critical munitions to Israel is reprehensible. And it reeks of politics.  

The very weapons he’s purposefully revoking are kits to convert bombs into precision-guided ammunition. Preventing these weapons from reaching Israeli hands only contradicts the Biden administration’s self-professed goal, which is to push Israel to conduct precise strikes against Hamas to reduce civilian casualties.  

As Netanyahu said to me, and to the world, the U.S. withholding precision-guided capabilities from Israel won’t stop their efforts to defend their country and their citizens. But the reality is, Biden’s decision could make it harder for Israel to avoid civilian deaths.  

In April, Congress, with my help, did its part in standing with our ally by approving critical weapons support. Leading up to this bill’s passage, Biden said the aid to Israel was “critical” – and that “swift and decisive action” was required “ensure the government of Israel has everything it needs to defend itself.” Yet, when it is his time to act, he fails to do so.    


Time and time again, over the last seven months, the administration has reassured the American people their commitment to Israeli security is “ironclad.”  

That’s clearly a bunch of bull.  

Any weakness in U.S. resolve right now only incentivizes Iran-backed Hamas to continue its massacre, and certainly to walk away from any ceasefire negotiations. Biden’s decision to withhold crucial ammunition is not just a betrayal of Israel but to my fellow Americans being held hostage by Iran-backed terrorists. 

The president is capitulating to the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas mob of his party – and doing so at his own peril.  

You’ve made your choice, Mr. President. You are choosing the side of Iran-backed Hamas terrorists who brutally rape women and burn babies. You are choosing the side of antisemites who are ruining the lives of Jewish students across this country.  

Now you will live with the consequences – and most gravely, so will the American hostages and U.S. servicemembers being targeted daily by Iranian proxies.  

We already have the mouthpieces of Hamas here at home – violently protesting on college campuses. We don’t need it in the White House. Republicans will not waver in our support for Israel and our Jewish friends. Never Again is right now, and we will be on the right side of history. 


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