Heart attacks during election year, plus lupus myths and life support decisions

STRESS TEST – Heart attack risk spikes for some people during periods of stress, such as election seasons, a new study found. Continue reading…

IRREVERSIBLE DECISIONS – Many patients who died after traumatic brain injuries may have survived and recovered if their families had waited to take them off life support, a new study found. Doctors react. Continue reading…

‘NOT A DEATH SENTENCE’ – For Lupus Awareness Month, a lupus expert debunks 7 common myths about the autoimmune disease. Continue reading…

CHEW ON THIS – “Is it dangerous to swallow gum?” In our Ask a Doc column, a gastroenterologist explains the risk. Continue reading…

NIGHTMARISH SYMPTOMS – Those who experience vivid nightmares and odd hallucinations might have an underlying autoimmune disease, a new study suggests. Continue reading…

LIVING LONGER – For Women’s Health Month, three mothers at three different stages of life shared how they are defying age through simple lifestyle practices and interventions. Continue reading…

NEW HOPE – Paralyzed participants in a trial saw “significant improvement” in their hand and arm function after receiving spinal cord simulation. Continue reading…

CHEMICAL CULPRITS – Americans may be breathing in cancer-causing chemicals while driving, recent research suggests. Doctors weigh in on the potential risk. Continue reading…

CAUTIONARY TALES – This May, for Skin Cancer Awareness Month, two melanoma patients are sharing their stories of how they overcame this invasive form of the disease. Continue reading…






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