GREG GUTFELD: As the Democratic Party becomes female, the Republican Party becomes more male

Can Democrat women leave men alone? Isn’t that what we men want really? Just to do our jobs, help when we can, but get out of the way when we’re no longer needed, like an airport wheelchair or an Iranian helicopter. But on “The View” recently, a collection of angry female Dems pounced on a guy like he was the last free sample at Costco.

SUNNY HOSTIN: Charlamagne. Now is not the time, in my opinion, to sit this one out.

CHARLAMAGNE: I didnt’ say that. I never said I was sitting it out. Why do y’all need us to say this if we don’t feel comfortable saying it?

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: No, it’s not that we need you to say it. But I think other folks need to hear.

CHARLAMAGNE: The reality is, I think both candidates are trash. So because…but I am going to vote in November and I’m going to vote in my best interest and I’m going to vote who I think, you know, can preserve democracy. You know, when you look at somebody like President Biden, it feels like his base is pretty pissed off at him for a number of reasons.

The only way they could have applied more pressure is if they sat on him. But, I mean, no, it’s just a natural fact. It’s science. But of all people, they should know that you catch more flies with honey because they eat flies. Anyway, it made me wonder if “The View” were a bunch of guys and I’m still not sure they’re not, would they have done the same thing? What if it were a show called “The Garage” where dudes interview another guy over politics? What would they do if one of them disagreed? Would they harangue him like he came home smelling of cheap perfume with stripper glitter stuck to his face? 


No, they wouldn’t argue for hours or all night. They’d wait till he fell asleep and put his hand in warm water. That’s because men just want to help and then be left alone. And the new Democratic Party, a mix of Karens and cucks driven by too much estrogen across both genders, won’t let them. And those who bail on the Dems in favor of Trump– they get called stupid. Listen to Ana Navarro talking about Trump’s rally in the Bronx.

ANA NAVARRO: There are some Latino immigrants who forget they came here as immigrants and who want to shut the door behind them, and who think being anti-immigrant somehow is going to make them pass as more American, pass as, whatever. And that’s a very stupid attitude to have.

The only people Ana should call stupid are those who think she’s still a Republican, or that her husband’s straight. Fact is… I don’t know. I don’t know. I just am raising questions. The fact is the real reason for the shift in numbers from the Democratic Party to Trump: Blacks, Hispanics, working-class Whites is not spelled out by the media for good reason because it’s men leading the exodus. It’s not race, it’s gender. And it’s a race to the exits by men who are fleeing the Democrat Party like it’s a bikini car wash full of sixes. 


The fact is, men don’t feel welcome for apparently committing the cardinal sin of actually wanting to be men. And that’s only a sin if you’re a biological male. If you’re a chick who wants a dick, “The View” would hand you a Jimmy Dean pork sausage, some super glue and shout, you go, girl! Disgusting. Because to the woke, there’s nothing sexier than a ballerina with a 5:00 shadow. But look who’s running most of the Trump investigations. Women. 

And look at the liberal judges coddling criminals. Women. Look at the “Squad”–women. I know they look like a barbershop quartet from Damascus, but trust me, they’re women. And look at Joe Biden. If he has any balls left, they’re in a mason jar in Jill’s shoe closet. Look who’s leading the campus protests. Pampered elite, but unhinged chicks.


Girls, girls, girls. There’s enough Hamas for everybody. Usually when I see that many screaming women, it’s because Kudlow’s robe fell open. But it reminds me of the angry women shouting at people for not wearing masks during Covid, empowered by misdirected anger and newly given authority. Now, women are forking over as much as eight grand for therapy that has them express rage by breaking things. Excuse me? Why not just let them drive?


Meanwhile, the women who had the support of all women now has turned on them once again. Hillary now blames 2016 on female voters because they expected her to be perfect. Darling, no one expected you to be perfect. Only honest, hard-working and innocent of murder. Now, Sonia Sotomayor says she sometimes goes to her chambers and cries after a Supreme Court ruling doesn’t go her way. Also, when Brett Kavanaugh tells her he just wants to be friends.

Bottom line is the Democratic Party becomes female, the Republican Party becomes more male. But you need men and women together to make things work. Two halves work better as a whole. If it’s only men, you get war, crime, pornography, dwarf tossing, often in the same bar. If it’s only women, you get terrible laws that excuse the insanity that I just mentioned. But put them together? 

They make sweet, sweet music. Music that we used to call civilization. So men, keep trying to make that sweet sound. And women put on a sweater if you’re cold.

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