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What’s happening? 

– Judge in Hunter Biden’s gun case rules on evidence permitted at trial

– Governors tell Biden not to let WHO rule their states

– Fani Willis defends herself

The judge presiding over Hunter Biden’s federal gun case in Delaware on Friday ruled that prosecutors on Special Counsel David Weiss’ team cannot use some of the more salacious evidence in the first son’s criminal trial next month.

Prosecutors won’t be allowed to mention Hunter’s discharge from the Navy (after he was caught with cocaine) nor the child support case for his out-of-wedlock daughter in Arkansas. But prosecutors may use some portion of the laptop, and Hunter’s book, as evidence that he was doing drugs at the time he purchased a gun — He’s charged with lying about his narcotics use on the firearm application. He pleaded not guilty.

Hunter’s lawyers prevailed in their request to keep prosecutors from using the word “extravagent” to describe his spending during his years-long addiction. But the judge will permit evidence that he spent a lot of money. The defense team sought restrictions on Hunter’s sexual history as well, saying such evidence would be prejudicial and unrelated to the charges.

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