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What’s happening…

-Biden phone banking in battle to save re-election bid

-AOC endorses Biden

-Trump drops major hint about VP pick

House Democrats are still at odds with each other over how to handle President Biden’s re-election campaign after a closed-door meeting on Tuesday morning, as concerns grow over his viability as a candidate and his mental fitness for office.

Left-wing lawmakers were largely evasive when leaving the meeting at Democratic National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill, telling crowds of reporters they had “no comment” on what went on. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., avoided reporters by departing through an alternate entrance.

Others who have publicly expressed concerns about Biden’s candidacy said they did so during the meeting as well. Democrats who spoke with Fox News Digital characterized those discussions as “respectful.” …Read more

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‘CONCISE’: Party’s blueprint is readable for everyday Americans says GOP platform chair …Read more

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