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– James Carville tells Biden to stop complaining about coverage of his age

– Jimmy Kimmel hosts fancy fundraiser for Biden, Obama

– Legal filing claims transgender track athlete displaced over 700 girls

Defense attorneys in New York v. Trump rested their case Tuesday morning without calling former President Trump to the stand to testify. 

The prosecution rested its case Monday, and Trump defense attorneys called two witnesses — paralegal Daniel Sitko and a former legal adviser to Michael Cohen, Robert Costello — before resting its case. 

Rather than have potential days-long gaps between closing arguments and jury deliberations, Judge Juan Merchan dismissed the jury until after Memorial Day. 

Former President Trump said his defense team has already “won the case by any standard” in the NY v. Trump trial as he called on presiding Judge Juan Merchan to dismiss this case. And when he exited court Tuesday evening, Trump pushed the boundaries of the gag order that has already cost him $10,000 in fines.

“Look at the person. Why don’t you look at the person that argued their case for almost the entire case? Look at the person. Where did he come from? Unbelievable. He came from Biden,” he added. 

Trump did not name the person he was speaking about. However, the lead prosecutor for the case, Mathew Colangelo, is a former Department of Justice official who took a job with the DA’s office just months before the indictment of the former president.

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