America is in a battle and this is the enemy that's being ignored

Our recent trip to the Southern border at Eagle Pass, Texas, was shocking. We saw individuals casually strolling across our wide-open border. We saw a humanitarian crisis. We saw the breakdown of law and order. And above it all, we saw an invasion of our country.

We also met with local officials who told us back in 2019, the border was secure, and none of these issues existed. They also told us that things could quickly be that way again, if only they had the cooperation and support of the federal government, which has thus far been refused.

Most might not realize it, but America is indeed in a battle, not with Russia, China, or Hamas, but with the invasion happening on our southern border.  This invasion is all the more threatening because it is being aided and abetted by the Biden administration and funded by some of the largest and most well-financed NGOs in the world, all working against the American people and their best interests. Tragically, the security of our nation is not a concern for President Biden, as he seeks to import anyone and everyone from anywhere in the world, without any vetting or screening whatsoever.


The self-aggrandizing leftwing so-called intellectuals like to flaunt a new concept called “regular migration,” which, in practice, is simply a U.N. buzzword for open borders. It isn’t a secret that is what the international left wants, and with the help of the Biden administration, open borders are precisely what they are getting.

Today, our border is being invaded by fighting aged males from America’s enemies. The fastest-growing group of migrants crossing the southern border is from single adult males. Make no mistake: we believe this isn’t an accident, but a planned and organized raid on our country by hostile foreign nations—and our politicians in Washington are doing nothing to stop it.

Instead, the Biden administration is appealing to its donors and NGO oligarchs in an appeasement strategy that seems straight out of the book of Neville Chamberlain in the leadup to World War II.

They sit idly by, doing nothing to help secure the border—and when states like Texas step up and try to secure the border themselves, the Biden administration actively fights them! Take the recent court ruling on S.B. 4, which is the law that allows state authorities to arrest and prosecute people suspected of illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Inexplicably, the Biden administration fought tooth and nail to stop this in court, which is a total abdication of the executive branch’s duty to enforce federal law.

Even some on the inside are sounding the alarm bells. For example, Biden’s own FBI Director, Christopher Wray, continues to warn Congress about the dangerous individuals coming across our border. In a recent testimony, Wray said, “We are seeing a wide array of very dangerous threats that emanate from the border,” and Wray pointed to drug trafficking in particular. He went on to share his concern about the possibility of an imminent terror attack on U.S. soil, given our lack of screening mechanisms for new entrants. 


Even a group of 15 (and growing) House Democrats have started a petition urging the administration to take action to secure the border, but the Biden administration has ignored their warnings.

Conservatives know that we shouldn’t rely on Washington to solve our problems, even if it is their job. Instead, we, the American people, are the last hope for any action, and the only way we can make progress is through continued public support of a strong and secure border.

Public polling data also shows that border security is a top issue in the minds of most voters, and the illegal immigration crisis is one of the biggest problems facing our country.

Moreover, nearly one-third of Americans think shutting down the southern border is the best way to deter illegal immigration. A recent poll also shows that voters’ concerns about the border have only continued to grow over the past year, with 30% now saying it’s a bigger problem than inflation, crime, and unemployment. Last spring, just 18% of respondents felt that way. Americans from both sides of the political spectrum are also open to supporting mass deportations of aliens illegally in our country, with over half the country now supporting this policy, including 42 percent of Democrats.

As the border crisis continues to worsen, Americans must continue supporting candidates who pledge to secure the border and stop the bleeding. Should November bring a strong coalition of border-security advocates across the House, Senate, and the White House, America may be able to begin reversing the destructive policies that have precipitated the crisis on our southern border and secure our nation from the threats posed by illegal immigration.

Republican Dan Patrick is the lieutenant governor of Texas.


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